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This pack contains 500 gms of dry food mix comprising all the calcium, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals all snails need. There is plenty of calcium in the feed but you can add extra powdered chalk as a supplement for breeding snails if you want to.

H&RH Escargots is a Trading Standards registered snail feed manufacturer.   You can supplement with fresh food if you want to but it is not essential.

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This pack contains 500gms of dry food so it will last several weeks. After that you can put them onto fresh food if you want to. Sprinkling dry food onto their fresh leaves is a good way to serve it or spray the lid of your housing with clean water and sprinkle the dry powder onto it so it sticks and the snails can climb up and hoover it up.

Dry food provides an excellent start for baby snails and supports them throughout the growing period because it provides everything they need to grow, particularly to grow strong shells. It contains a mix of cereal, pulses, dried milk, soya and powdered chalk. This is the food we mix for our own snails and we are the only Trading Standards registered animal feed manufacturer in the UK selling snail food. Feed establishment approval number = GB17862193

Snail Food analytical constituents. Crude Protein 15.4%, Crude Fibre 1.5%, Crude Oils and Fats 6.1%, Crude Ash 46.3%, Calcium 16.2%, Sodium 0.24%, Phosphorus 0.245%;

Composition:  Calcium carbonate, milk replacer (whey powder, vegetable oil, pea flour, wheat flour, monopotassium phosphate, calcium carbonate, propane-1-2-diol), soya meal (GM), sow meal ( wheat, wheatfeed, barley, peas, sunflower seed meal, rapeseed meal, calcium carbonate, vegetable fat, vitamin and mineral premix, salt, monocalcium phosphate).

additives per kg


E672 Vitamin A                       16477.6   IU

E671 Vitamin D3                    1461.1     IU

E4 copper (cuprous sulphate pentahydrate) 1.38 mg

3a700 Vit. E/all-rac-alpha-tocophenol acetate 56.9           IU

E1 Ferrous sulphate monohydrate      77.2mg

E5 Manganous sulphate monohydrate               42.4mg

E6 Zincoxyde                                        26.5mg

E2 Calcium iodate, anhydrous                            0.3mg

E8 sodium selenite                                                0.1 mg


E433 Polyoxyethylene (20) – sorbitarmoncoleate             1.2 g

E321 BHT                               0.7 mg

E320 BHA                               0.4 mg

Please ask if you want larger quantities.