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Meatless Monday: courgette and spinach risotto

About 8 years ago when I was in Glagow doing some contract work I had a lovely meal in a little restaurant run by a Palestinian guy. The starter we had was a lovely risotto which I've cooked ever since nearly once a week when the ingredients are in season. It's a lovely way of using up that courgette glut, which is probably on it's last legs anyway now the weather's gone cold. As well as courgettes it has spinach or chard in it which are my all time favourite vegetables.


I grow the spinach and chard in the garden but have to buy the green peppers grown 6 miles away from here by Walmestone Growers. Then you need onions or leeks and garlic too. This is a one pot dish requiring good risotto rice but if you want to keep it Kentish you can make this with barley instead. Everything goes in the pan together with half a pint of vegetable stock and takes about 20 minutes for the rice to cook. I sometimes substitute local cider for some of the stock which peps up the flavour. Right at the end stir in grated cheese. I  use local goat's cheese like Kelly's from Canterbury Cheesemaker's. Delicious!