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My one weakness: #asparagus straight from the field

Well if I'm honest I've got more than one weakness but asparagus is pretty near the top of the list. Delicious Kentish asparagus in April - who can resist it? I learnt about microwaving asparagus when I went to New Zealand. I used to think it had to be boiled for ages in a tall pan to get that lovely melting consistency. But washed and sandwiched between two plates it just takes a couple of minutes in the microwave and it doesn't seem to lose anything in flavour or texture. All I needed then was the butter.


Yesterday I was enjoying reading the latest from one of my favourite bloggers: the Single Gourmet Traveller about her guilty pleasures and tried to make my own list. I apologise for being boring but I couldn't think of any food that really made me feel guilty. I just like all the things that are good for me - fresh home grown fruit and vegetables and fish straight from the sea... well maybe 85% chocolate as well but that's not wicked is it?

I don't eat bluebells but I had to take a picture:

ImageBluebells in April! The woods are full of them - what a year!