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10 tips for preparing for an exhibition

This is the last working day to make sure I've got everything ready for the Farm Shop and Deli Show.  The first time the snails and I exhibited ourselves I got hold of one of those invaluable lists of how to prepare. Well, to be honest it wasn't quite the first time because I only thought about it after I was standing behind a badly designed stand having left everything I needed at home. But these days I make lists with dates on it by which each important task has been completed. Today I can claim I've done all those important things: got everything printed, washed and ironed the tablecloth, prepared all the Mini Snail Farm and Grow Your Own Escargots boxes and put everything into crates ready to load into the car. H&RH Escargots BoxH&RH Mini Snail Farm Box

Now I've just got to do all those other things that aren't on the list:

1. Give Bugsy the guinea pig a bath so he's ready to go to April Lodge for his holiday. I think he likes being there with all those other friends he's on squeaking terms with, but I nearly forgot to book him in because it wasn't on the list.  Yesterday it unexpectedly rained after I'd put him out into the garden for some exercise and instead of retreating into the shelter, he sat out there grabbing grass as though his life depended on it and got wet through. I dried him off with the hair dryer but he still looks a bit like he's been pulled through a hedge backwards. So it's bathtime for Bugsy this afternoon with special shampoo.


2. Bathtime too for Dusty and Freddy ferret before they go off to the ferret lady. I need to make sure they aren't taking any 'little visitors' with them. They won't like being bathed - they never do - but it has to be done! This is Dusty wondering if the camera is edible:

Dusty 05.08.10

3. Cook some food as I'll be a guest in my daughter's house and they will be at work too so I want to make it easy for them. Getting a meal in the evening is always an extra pressure we could do without when we just want to collapse in front of the telly.

4. Get snacks to eat while I'm standing for endless hours talking to potential customers. It's usually round about 3pm that I start to get really hungry and then sleepy. I've developed an unreasonable passion for wasabi peas which ought to wake me up, a handful of mixed nuts can keep me going for ages, 85% dairy free chocolate is a must and I'll need lots of bottled water. I may not be able to get a hot drink unless someone on a neighbouring stand takes pity on me.

5. Do the last load of washing and ironing so I've got the clothes I need to take and there will still be something clean left for when I get back.

6. Put a notice on the website to say the office and online shop are closed for a few days. I'll have to check the orders while I'm away and let customers know when their orders will be sent out.

7. Prepare the orders I've already received ready to go out the day I get back and email each customer explaining what's happening.

8. Clear the kitchen because the worktop is being replaced while I'm away. The new one arrived yesterday, with only a small chunk knocked out of the ceiling as they brought it in! And the fitter is picking up the back door key today - I hope. I must remember to take the key out of the inside of the lock when I go otherwise he won't be able to get in.

9. It's my mother's birthday tomorrow - I've got the card but need to make time to take her out. She'll want to go to the shops to buy chocolate I guess and I can't pack the car until after that so I can get the wheelchair in the boot. It is interesting how one's life shrinks to focus around such essentials as chocolate as one ages.

10. and last but not least ... what about the snails you ask? Well the snail sitters are all organised. I've just got to make sure they've got enough snail food to keep them going and know what to do in a crisis.

seedlings April 2015

I can't do anything about all the little seedlings at the allotment growing in the snail pens ready for the new season's babies to go out in a month's time. I just have to keep my fingers crossed that the weather isn't too hot and there is a little bit of rain from time to time.


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Bugsy and Splash join the molluscs and me

Those of you who are following this endless story will be familiar with the important role that Dusty and Freddie ferret have played in the health and well-being of the snails. But this is different! Have you ever climbed on the swings or gone down the slide 'just to show the children how to do it' or secretly enjoyed being able to take a child to see a cartoon film? Yes you have. Well I've adopted a couple of guinea pigs 'for my grandchildren' of course. Here they are:


Splash is the one with the crest - can you see it? Bugsy is multicoloured and has attractive pink eyes. They've found a convenient space in the snail room and started to help me empty the fridge of fresh vegetables. I had a guinea pig when I was a child. His name was Snowy - guess what colour his fur was. It was searching for his favourite weeds that taught me the names of lots of wild flowers and, who knows, perhaps contributed to my early interest in science. But I've learnt now that we didn't look after Snowy properly. Val at April Lodge Guinea Pig Rescue  in Eastry has given me strict instructions on how to care for them. I realise now that we shouldn't have kept Snowy on sawdust - only newspaper and hay - I shall have to start buying newspapers. And Bugsy and Splash will expect to eat their own weight in hay every day. I'm sure poor old Snowy didn't get much of that. He did have a run out on the grass in the summer, bits of carrot and a bowl of guinea pig mix - like muesli, so we did do some things right. Guinea pigs like being cuddled so now you can picture me sitting in front of the TV in the evenings with two guinea pigs on my lap - just for their benefit naturally...and of course the grandchildren will love them too.

If you can give a couple of guinea pigs a good home then get in touch with Val. There are always plenty waiting to be adopted or fostered,if they are very old or needing special attention.

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