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Unwinding ... just a little!


Every now and again I find an unwound snail. This one is only slightly unwound but definitely not as tightly spiralled as his siblings - I use the word 'his' loosely you understand! I think his shape describes perfectly the process of preparing for the approaching festive season. We don't really 'do Christmas' - the molluscs and me. It is quite nice not to have to spend every spare moment packing orders. As the courier stopped being able to guarantee next day delivery it seemed possible to take a well-earned rest from the tyranny of the online shop. I won't be able to stop 'feeding the five thousand' of course - those hungry mollusc mouths will still want filling. But at least they don't demand turkey and all the trimmings.

It has been very pleasing to see 'Molluscs and Me' going out to enthusiasts all over the world as the ultimate Christmas present. I've got an Australian teacher and his family coming to visit the snails on New Year's Eve. Charles is an Agricultural Science teacher looking for new ideas and wondering if snail farming could be added to their fish tanks and hydroponics activities. Given the link with the cultivation of cannabis I was intrigued to hear that these Australian boys are being instructed in how to set up and manage a hydroponics system. I wonder if that could catch on here?