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Meet the Snails Days

I've booked two Meet the Snails days for accompanied children aged 5 - 14 on August 2nd and 15th. They will be in the afternoon between 2 and 4 at Cherry Orchard Nature Reserve, Court Hill, Littlebourne and you can book through the online shop.

Littlebourne reserve pond May 2014

This week I met up with Emma Jenkins again and got updated on Kent Children's University  @K_C_U. When we were at Brogdale, Slow Summer Snail Farm was a Learning Destination for members of KCU to gain credits in their passports. Having moved to the allotments we were ready to rejoin the wonderful process of engaging children in learning about living things.

KCU Logo hi (with TM 2010)

Schools that join the scheme issue the children with Passports to Learning which record their achievements outside school. Lots of visitor attractions like Sissinghurst have activities that the children can do when they visit and get their passports stamped. Meet the Snails days will be worth two credits for children whose schools are members of the scheme. The children will have the chance to learn all about snails and you can enjoy our village nature reserve at the same time.