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Molluscs and Me the online e-book launch

Yesterday was quite a strange day. When I first heard about online e-book launches I wondered how they worked and at first I couldn't think what to do. But eventually I made a list of the sort of things that might work and devoted a whole day to doing just that. Apart from the usual round of feeding the snails etc, I spent the day chained to the PC posting pictures and interesting snippets of information about every half hour onto my Facebook page: Then I emailed as many contacts as I could which was three groups and almost 60 customers. I also kept posting to Twitter - again about every half hour or so. I started at 9 by changing the headline picture on Facebook to a party theme and inviting people to join me for a glass of something - in my case local apple juice - what else!


A few people dropped by to offer congratulations and apologise for not being able to come - a few didn't 'do' Facebook - but I'm not sure I do really. There was a compeition for the best snail photo which was won by the only entry of course. The problem I now have to solve is that he's already got the e-book and that was going to be the prize, so I'll have to think of something else. I posted lots of snail pictures.

Overall the process was quite satisfying for me as I really felt I was celebrating and doing something positive to promote the book. It was made extra special by the arrival of the proof copy of the paperback so now I'm off to read that thoroughly and get the printed version onto the shelves as soon as I can. On the basis of a completely unscientific survey,  I think the majority of people I know really prefer the feel of paper.

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