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Buying British with the Bradshaws

Today in Westerham there was a fayre organised by the Bradshaws, a Kent family that is trying to use only British produce and services for a whole year. ( (@BritishFamily)


That's what I try to do all the time - though I have to admit I don't always manage it. This picture was the basis of my main meal today with the addition of English cheese and pasta. The vegetables all came from The Goods Shed in Canterbury. (@The_Goods_Shed) The Bradshaws are a young couple who both work full time and have a two year old. Their website says that all their food, clothing, house-wares, electronics, fuel, in fact everything they buy, must be made, designed or produced in Britain by British companies. Today's event seems to be the culmination of their year's activities with a free family day including workshops and displays by British companies.

Well done to the Bradshaws!