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Meatless Monday

I've been following a blogger who writes a recipe every Monday to celebrate eating vegetables. My meatless Monday recipe is courgette soup because I've got lots of them.

ImageOur local allotment holders sell off surplus vegetables on Saturday mornings and this week I managed to get some lovely leeks. I don't think I've ever bought leeks in summer before because I've always assumed they would have hard flower stalks in the middle but these haven't - they're very good. So I cooked up leeks and courgettes with garlic, chopped fresh thyme and a bit of left over green pepper, in vegetable stock. Whizzing it up in the blender and adding black pepper and cream just finished it off nicely (soya creme in my case). I ate it for lunch with wholemeal bread baked on the premises at Wingham bakery and Canterbury Cheesemakers' lovely Shaggy's Beard goat cheese. Delicious and very virtuous!

Now, if I don't get out there quickly in all this rain those delicate little courgettes will all turn into great big marrows overnight... and the snails will get them!