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Party packs and restaurant packs

This weekend I've been revamping the online shop. It all came about through spending three days talking to other entrepreneurs about business. Doug Richards of Dragons' Den fame runs the course S4CS and he and his team are very good value for money! As a result I've taken a fresh look at who my customers are and what they want. Now I've got party packs for enthusiastic cooks, who will buy on those occasions when they have invited a few friends round for dinner or running a supper club.

It's that time of year when I'm keeping a close eye on the weather in case it suddenly gets cold. A lot of the snails are still outside and happily munching their way through spinach and apples. I've managed to get a few lovely big marrows which cheered them up - they can polish of one of those in no time. When it gets too cold they will 'shut up shop' - stop eating and start going into hibernation then they have to come indoors. Their winter quarters are not quite ready yet but I think I've got another week at least to finish that off. This is what they look like tucked up in their shells:-


Andy Hunting has posted a piece about me and the book and a recipe onto his food blog - I'm now starting to prepare for the paperback launch next Saturday at Brogdale so if you are in the area do come along and join me between 3 and 5 in the afternoon. I'll be in the Marketplace so you can go into the Apple Festival if you want to but you don't have to.

E-book and paperback both available from Amazon: