They're here! Every day I've been searching the Roman snail pen for signs of the hatchlings that I thought I ought to see. I was beginning to lose hope, thinking the weather conditions or something else had perhaps not been quite right but they were just teasing me.
baby Romans

Yesterday these long anticipated baby Romans appeared like little brown grains of sand along the seams of the netting in each corner of the pen. I've read that they spend quite a long time underground after hatching so I suppose that's where they've been as I'm pretty sure the eggs were laid weeks ago. I wanted to let this colony live as naturally as possible within the confines of their pen but I did leave them a present of a slice of marrow and some chopped up french beans. The pen is full of fresh lovely spinach which the adults are not eating and to be honest I'm not sure what they are eating except when I leave them a few titbits of vegetables and a sprinkling of powdered snail food. Let's hope they survive and grow - I've got my fingers firmly crossed.

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