You know a food has really made it when it is featured in Staff Canteen and today it's snails!

When I heard the feature was coming up I spent a whole day with www.little_and_loud creating a brand new website. There was quite a lot of preparation before hand. First I decided to use the curvy stylised snail from my book cover designed by


and then created some colourways for the logo and chose a font. She went for lovely subtle fired earth colours and the green on green in particular looks very 'Harrods' - just perfect for an upmarket product. This time we went for a simple site so that busy chefs can find what they want easily but we're keeping the original website too because it serves a different purpose.

They asked me for some recipes so I asked Chef Craig Mather at East Kent College if I could give them his recipe for snails with fish. He agreed and I told them that it was his recipe not mine but they still put it in as mine - hope he forgives me! Happy days!