2013 has been a momentous year for me as the publication of Molluscs and Me was a long time coming. Gestation was slow and the birth painful but, for me, it was as worth the wait as any new baby:

ImageThe ebook and paperback are both selling well and feedback has been very good.

A Slow Passion is the delightful book by Ruth Brooks who won the amateur scientist of the year competition on Radio 4 with her work on snail homing instinct. I would highly recommend this as a good read for anyone interested in the behaviour of very small animals. Snails are proving to be a popular creature for university students to study at both under and post-graduate level. As Ruth showed us, their behaviour is fascinating and they've also been adopted by forward looking primary schools where science is an integral part of the curriculum rather than something the children 'do' once a year in science week.

Then I found Elisabeth Tova Bailey's 'The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating' - such an engrossing study of snail behaviour carried out from the confines of a sick bed, which has some similarities with Ruth's book in its detailed observations but of a single captive mollusc rather than a wild population.

Altogether it's been a very good year for snail books.