I couldn't pass the opportunity to look up an entirely new recipe for serving snails - well new to me, though I think this recipe has been around a long time. It all started when I got tweeting with @sofiabaguley. Sofia is Colombian and is giving the lucky people of Kent the chance to try Colombian food. She's offering a takeway service from her home on a Friday night in Tunbridge Wells. For the whole Colombian experience you can join her on a Saturday night once a month at one of her dinner parties: (http://www.sofiascolombiankitchen.co.uk/).

So let's get down to the details. Rondon seems to be one of those dishes like minestrone soup or a balti which you can throw anything into a basic mix that gives it that special flavour. Like a lot of Colombian food it shows strong Caribbean and European influences. Rondon is a thick  soup and on the island of San Andres it is made with with peppery coconut milk, and lots of fish with snails, yucca, plantain, and "domplines", a type of flour tortilla. It all looks very exciting.