It's November and it's Nanowrimo again and I feel I should have signed up but there aren't enough hours in the day just now. So I'm resting on my laurels:


Is it really three years ago that I managed to complete the challenge of writing 50,000 words in a month? I wrote my 50,000 the year before I seem to remember but didn't manage to get my completed word length onto the counter before the deadline - honestly! I can't remember what my excuse was in 2011 and 12 but I do know one thing: - focusing on writing to the exclusion of everything else does work. A big part of the secret is the support you get from all the other people going through the same thing - it's definitely a collective experience. There were hundreds ... no thousands of us just in Kent.  But it's happening all over the world and in some places groups of writers are getting together for 24 hour write-ins and weekends away. Lasdt year we spent a weekend at West Dean which was wonderful. I suppose it works like Weight Watchers. If you've got to meet up with a crowd and explain why you haven't achieved what you set out to do, it galvanises you into action. Nanowrimo certainly played a vital part in the long hard struggle of writing Molluscs and Me. Some years I wrote other stuff and sometimes I just produced pages and pages of the stream of consciousness that comes from a relaxed brain. But that in itself was very cathartic and eventually what I was writing started to make sense and form itself into a book.

So am I Nano-ing this year? Well strictly speaking I'm not, but I have got something I want to write and it needs doing now.  So I shall be on the margins, picking up the vibes from friends who are more involved and using that as a way of getting it done.

Nanowrimo forever!

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