I've got another one day course for would be Snail Farmers on 23 November and requests for places are rolling in.




I really enjoy meeting the next generation of snail entrepreneurs, showing them my small enterprise and trying to help them get started. Sometimes the snails are the fascinating starting point and sometimes it's the business idea that's been growing in their heads and is just dying to get out.

I'm often asked to predict start up costs but that's really hard to do because it depends on what farming system you are going to use and what facilities and space you already have. Then there's the question of which species of snail to farm. Helix aspersa is not doubt the best choice for most people and it is just a matter of personal preference whether to go for the 'muller' strain of smaller snails or the 'maxima' strain that gets bigger. Anyone who wants breeders needs to order now for delivery in Spring.

But what about African snails I'm asked? They certainly have some advantages because of the number of eggs they lay but the economics would need careful consideration because they have to be kept very warm.

So I'm looking forward to meeting the next group of would be snail farmers in just a month's time.

The Smallholder Guide to Farming Edible Snails booklet has the written material that supports the course and is available separately from the online shop on the website. (www.snailfarm.org.uk)