The sun was hot on my legs while I sat eating my falafel picnic box by the bandstand. It was difficult to believe it was October, but here is the Broadstairs Food Festival again so it must be.


I'm really noticing packaging more these days so I appreciated the way my picnic was packed in a brown waxed cardboard box. Inside there was a little plastic pot of hummus and another of spicy tomato sauce to accompany five falafels, green salad and red cabbage coleslaw and a bag of crispy fried pastry - all home made and only costing £5 - excellent value.

There were so many good quality food stalls, mostly members of Produced in Kent ( that it would be difficult to list them all but you could buy almost anything from local cheeses, game, pies and cakes to alcoholic beverages of all kinds.  I really appreciate it when Bessie the Caravan is present at an event because of the lovely green tea and cakes. I learned how to make loose tea into teabags and admired the tiny kilner jars used to display the different kinds of tea.

One of my reasons for going yesterday was to watch Charlie from the Marquis at Alkham doing his chef demonstration.


He produced an amazingly bold menu in such a short time and using all local produce. Duck with wild cabbage, roasted turnip, a fried grated potato mix with blue cheese and onions, and a wonderful sauce with his own elderberry jelly. The pudding was a souffle of apple and cobnuts which came out of the oven impressively perfect.

Weren't we lucky that the sun came out!