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The idea behind 10% Kent  is simple 
Keeping the benefits of the money you spend in the county we live in!


Produced in Kent has a plan to support us local food producers. It's called 10%. The idea is that we hope you will think about buying local food and drink every time you go shopping. We don't expect you to buy everyting local but if you make it even 10% it will make a huge difference to the local economy. Produced in Kent has an online directory of local producers on their website and publishes Kent's Finest. One place to find local produce is farmers' markets or online ordering / veg box schemes. In some big retailers uyou will find Kent labels on food. Can you use your local butcher / greengrocer / baker more? How about checking the menus when you are eating out and ask for local food? Look for the Produced in Kent logo


 Some useful facts from the Produced in Kent website:


Every £1 spent locally generates £1.76 for the local economy compared to just 36p when spent in a major retailer*.


The average family spends £54.80 a week on food and non-alcoholic drinks **


If an average family spent £55 a week on food & drink and they switched just 10% of this to local suppliers, that would lead to an estimated extra £1.75M a year being spent in Kent ***


*New Economics Foundation
** Office for National Statistics 2012 Household Expenditure
*** based on Kents 2011 census figures 1,466,500 population, average household of 2.37 persons equates to 618,776 households.

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