The snails put on a good performance yesterday for Clocktower Holiday playscheme. They showed off their little black teeth and explored a lot of small hands. We managed to persuade four ‘runners’ to wander about the race track for a long time before one accidentally found the edge and was declared winner. Lots of people told me about a new cartoon feature film called ‘Turbo’ about a snail that could go very fast. But having read the write-up on it I don’t think I'll bother going.

I’m sure the gardeners of this world will be delighted to hear that this is turning out to be a very bad year for snails. My babies are still not very big and they should be nearly ready to sell by now. The late Spring followed by the extended hot dry spell have made life very difficult for them.Image

How snails cope with life in the snail farming regions of Italy I can’t begin to imagine. But my Italian Roman snails are enjoying life in Kent and especially the cherries.