Seriously – if a snail had just eaten all the dirt off your face would you want to cook it and eat it? This week the world’s press seems to have gone mad about inviting snails to feed on your face. My whole day was turned upside down by journalists yesterday – emails and phone calls demanding my attention and people making ridiculous suggestions. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard that one. The journalist concerned will probably prefer to remain anonymous when she thinks it through rationally! First they wanted to send a camera team down to Kent to visit the farm for an experimental facial followed by me cooking for them. Two hours later, after I’d done all the preparation for their visit they changed their minds. Then there was the radio station that thought I might like to get myself up to their London studio by 7.30 this morning just for the pleasure of being interviewed. When I mentioned the cost they backed off hastily. Then there was the man who left a phone message saying he wanted to buy some snails and could I tell him how to do the facials please? The answer is ‘NO!’ IMG_4645

The molluscs remain sceptical about the whole thing.