I’m very pleased to be able to reveal the book cover designed by Jane Dixon Smith at JD Smith Design.(www.facebook.com/janedixonsmith; www.facebook.com/jdsmithdesign; www.jdsmith-design.com.) Molluscs and Me Cover small

I’m not very good at making decisions and it was really hard to make my mind about the cover. We started with a collection of very different images from cartoon snails to accurate pen and ink drawings. In the end, every time I had a choice to make between a number of options I asked my writer colleagues in the Kent Nanowrimo group. They were so helpful because they didn’t have the same emotional attachment to the design and could tell me which images best conveyed the content of the book. I was quite taken with some of the cartoon snails but they told me they conveyed the idea that the book was aimed at children. When Jane added a food image they immediately told me it was the one that would attract them to pick it up and look inside. As one person put it: ‘It’s very clear from this image that the book is about a woman with an unhealthy obsession with snails.’!

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