Does farming snails count as a life scientific? Probably not. I’m a radio 4 addict which dates me I suppose. I was brought up listening to the ‘wireless’ and it forms the everyday backdrop to my life. I feel embarrassed to admit that one of my favourite programmes is More or Less. It’s the one that analyses the statistics that politicians are always quoting and shows that a lot of the time they are talking rubbish. The Life Scientific comes a close second and today we heard all about Athene Donald. She’s got a blog which I read for the first time today and I definitely want to follow it ( She’s great champion for women scientists and spends a lot of time encouraging girls to take up science and promoting discussion of the gender imbalance in the workplace. There are whole sections in her blog about Women in Science, Women’s issues, Gender and Science and every post is full of great ideas and lots of commonsense. They’re very long as well which puts mine to shame! I can recommend Athene's blog to anyone who is interested in how society works.