Compost worms are really useful when it comes to cleaning up after the snails. These Dendrabaenas are busy little bees, keeping the soil sweet. They’re athletic too - climbing the sides of the pen and onto the underside of the lid. I found one that had wrapped itself round a snail shell with the ends hanging down like a stylish red scarf.

But this week there was a swarm of white worms too which caused a bit of a panic while I worked out what they were. Were they predatory? Were they attacking my precious snails? But if you’ve got a wormery in your garden you’ve probably seen these white worms before. They’re perfectly harmless ‘pot worms’. In a wormery, I’v read that all you have to do is add some chalk. I’ve no idea why they were so active in the snailery where there’s plenty of chalk around. But the snails didn’t seem to mind so why should I?